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Embarking on a new job is inherently thrilling. Amplify this excitement with an exceptional digital onboarding platform.

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Benefits of Advantage OnBoarding

Discover how our Smart Onboarding solution equips employers with powerful tools to streamline data management, boost productivity, ensure compliance, and enhance employee engagement—all while saving valuable time for HR professionals and managers

Transition to a paperless and swift onboarding process

  • Streamline data collection and management seamlessly from the start.
  • Automate data collection globally, with built-in verification and validation.
  • Gather data and documents tailored to roles, locations, departments, and experience levels.
  • Embrace paperless operations and generate digital federal and state compliance documents.
  • Reduce redundancy by eliminating repetitive information requests across multiple forms.

Transform onboarding into an unforgettable journey

  • Craft onboarding experiences that commence from offer release, quickly initiated with a few clicks.
  • Tailor the experience according to location, job level, demographics, and more.
  • Infuse gamification throughout to ensure completion through point-based tasks, quizzes, and incentives.
  • Engage new hires with captivating content, including videos, texts, images, and gifs, narrating your unique story.
  • Foster a sense of belonging and personal connection by automatically assigning buddies.

Intelligent Analytics

  • Easily download and distribute straightforward reports tailored to your needs.
  • Receive early alerts to identify potential drop-offs or fence-sitters.
  • Track at any depth from individual employees to team, department, location, or country performance.
  • Real-time cross-functional collaboration to ensure no one drops the ball.

Background Verification (BGV)

  • Share data instantaneously for verification with both internal and external teams.
  • Integrate with external vendors or provide controlled access to their users on the platform to minimise turnaround time.

Early Learning & Training

  • Roll out product and process trainings and certifications for relevant users on the platform as part of their journeys.
  • Drive mandatory trainings like POSH, COEBC etc with scheduled assessments

Seamless Integration Across Global Platforms

One Click Integration with your Varied Internal Systems





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