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Elevate your employees' well-being with Advantage Care. Offer features like health tracking, fitness challenges, habit formation and more in one holistic platform.

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With our Stepathon feature, not only socialise but embark on a journey towards improved fitness and vitality. Track your daily steps, set achievable goals, and stay motivated as you witness tangible progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Habit Tracker

Take control of your habits with our intuitive Habit Tracker. Seamlessly monitor your daily hydration through water drinking reminders, and receive personalized notifications to help you build lasting habits that contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Team Challenges

Engage in friendly competition with Team Challenges. Collaborate with colleagues or friends to achieve collective health goals, foster a sense of camaraderie, and enjoy the motivational boost that comes from achieving milestones together.

AI Guided Exercises

Experience tailored workout sessions with AI Guided Exercises for the well-being of employees. Receive personalized fitness recommendations, access a variety of exercise routines designed to suit your preferences and fitness level, and enjoy the convenience of having a virtual personal trainer at your fingertips.

Tutorials & Records

Enhance your knowledge and track your progress with Tutorials & Records. Access a wealth of educational resources on nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness, while keeping detailed records of your achievements to monitor your growth over time.

Guided Meditation

Find inner peace and tranquility with Guided Meditation. Immerse yourself in soothing audio sessions led by experienced meditation instructors, reduce stress, improve focus, and cultivate mindfulness for enhanced overall wellbeing.

On-Demand Wellbeing on Platform

Get access to varied wellbeing offerings to match a wide variety of needs for your diverse workforce. On demand access to gym memberships, medical devices, doctor appointments, financial advisory, medicine delivery platforms and much more.

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