Sales Contests & Automated Incentives

Boost Sales And Recognize Achievements, Drive Results!

Automate Incentives & Recognition For Your Sales Teams, Agents, Distributors And Channel Partners.

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Drive exponential returns with automation of sales incentives

No-Code Customization

Create your sales plan logic effortlessly and save time by automating complex KPI calculations and reward disbursals. Design custom contests to stay relevant and drive results.��

Boost Motivation

Create a wide variety of competitions to promote specific behaviours for specific teams or departments. Cheer the team with public and private leaderboards and targeted messaging to meet and beat their goals.

Make it special

Share badges, certificates, citations, and emojis to publicly validate the hard work. Maintain morale with a pat on the back. Enable varied options like cashouts, point-based redemption or vouchers from an exhaustive catalog of prominent brands.

Integrate and Simplify

Integrate with your existing CMS/CRM systems to remove the need for manual intervention and data handling over spreadsheets. Aid compliance with seamless data reporting. Also, get deeper insights into opportunities to coach and mentor to achieve higher results.

Increase revenue with our Sales Incentive Solution

  • Real-time Performance Tracking allows sales reps to monitor their progress instantly, motivating them to achieve targets.
  • Aligns individual goals with organizational objectives, fostering a sense of purpose and direction among sales teams.
  • Introduces gamified elements like leaderboards, badges, and rewards, making the sales process engaging and encouraging healthy competition.

Reduce Operations and Auditing Efforts

  • Automate incentive calculations and payouts, reducing manual errors and the need for extensive auditing.
  • Centralize all sales data, making it easier to track and audit incentives accurately.
  • Implement automated compliance checks, ensuring adherence to company policies and regulations without manual intervention.

Meet Budgets

  • Provide clear visibility into incentive spending, enabling better budget allocation and resource optimization.
  • Utilize historical data and intelligent analytics to forecast incentive expenses accurately, preventing overspending.

Optimize Commissions

  • Allow customization of commission structures based on performance metrics, ensuring fairness and motivation.
  • Provide insights into commission effectiveness, allowing for adjustments to optimize sales strategies and commission plans.

Save Processing Time

  • Automate repetitive tasks such as incentive calculation, approval workflows, and payout distribution, saving significant processing time.
  • Empower sales reps and managers to access relevant information and perform necessary actions without relying on manual assistance, further reducing processing time.

Drive Compliance

  • Enforce sales policies and guidelines consistently across the organization, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.
  • Maintain comprehensive transaction history of incentive-related activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in compliance efforts.

Our global success stories!

How we co-build cultures across varied industries...

A leading global IT & consulting company with a large employee base of more than 300,000 operating in a Hybrid scenario, were seeking a solution focussed on holistic employee health and well-being, including curated FlexBen offerings. Our human-centric product design engineers offered them a customized platform offering services in four domains with the more than 20 varied solutions matching the need of their diverse workforce. Advantage Club was successful in driving 92% redemption in the first year itself, creating the best success story for the program ever run in the company before.

A Multinational IT Solutions company was seeking a platform that provides equitable rewards for employees across different countries and diverse groups. Advantage Club’s curated product offering with purchase parity features not only solved their need, rather magnified the employee experience multifold. Along with rewards, Advantage Club was also able to automate long service awards, create gamified solutions for reward point accrual, and provide an end to end gamified wellness solution. The solution was deployed across 120 countries with multiple business units, teams and workflows customized on the tool.

A USA based global multinational business services & CX company with varied cultural backgrounds, sought a no-breakage solution for employee rewards. Advantage Club successfully delivered a platform catering to their unique needs, ensuring seamless and personalised rewards for their employees including engaging through communities and creating fun-at-workplace using Funzone. After deploying Advantage Club, their utilization rate and redemption rate for rewards shot up to 90-95%, as compared to their older rates of 40-60% with their incumbent platform earlier.

A tech giant with over 20,000 employees faced the challenge of enhancing employees' work from home experience during the pandemic. Advantage Club offered an exclusive solution, enabling employees to access remote work resources and facilities seamlessly. Advantage Club was able to create a special marketplace with 400 SKU’s including chairs, tables, routers, UPS and more, within 10 days of getting the requirement during the pandemic, with end to end order management and delivery. The solution evolved into a successful full-fledged R&R platform, continuing to run effectively with Advantage Club.

A globally-renowned consulting firm desired a gamified Reward & Recognition portal that would ignite the importance of peer-to-peer appreciation among their workforce, and create a holistic wellbeing solution for their employees across the Middle Eastern and Asia regions. Advantage Club solved it through design thinking, and delivered a curated platform which magnified user connect on the platform and drove the need of appreciation and recognition as an inherent part of their culture. A custom wellbeing portal was also created, looking after employees, their dependents/family members. With a global catalog, the marketplace was customized for employees as per their country, thereby offering choices and an ease of convenience in the redemption process.

The only AI powered Engagement and Rewards platform you need

  • Attract, retain and engage your employees
  • Automate employee recognition
  • Give flexible benefits
  • And more...