Create Communities That Are More Than Just Workplaces!

Connect with like-minded colleagues having shared thoughts, similar hobbies, play exciting games together, utilize internal classifieds, and give heartfelt greetings.

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How will ADVANTAGE CLUB "Communities" help?


Create Enterprise Resources Group (ERG)

Bring people with like minded interests, hobbies and passion together on a single platform to create a buzz in the community. Share your journey, explore the community, build comradery and impact the culture positively.


Celebrate Moments that Matter!

Create shared memories through our innovative group wish and greetings platform on those moments that matter to you and your loved ones at the workplace. Live life beyond work.


Unlimited Fun at Work!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. With our digital games like Chess and Ludo, create competitions across your org, publish leader boards, cheer for your favourite teams and take the internal buzz on social media.


Employee Classifieds

Advertise to find a roommate or carpool buddy, sell your gadgets/art and procure your dream bike, all at one place within your trusted community. Save more, get more and keep exchanging more with classifieds unlimited.

Explore Advantage Club's Communities

Looking to enhance your workplace culture and foster stronger connections among employees? Look no further! Advantage Club offers four fantastic components that make up our vibrant workplace.

Hobby Clubs

  • Hobby Clubs bring together like-minded individuals who share a common interest or skill.
  • By encouraging employees to pursue their hobbies and interests, Hobby Clubs can also help reduce stress and burnout.
  • Whether it's a book club, a sports team, or a cooking club, Hobby Clubs are a great way to build connections and foster a positive work culture.


  • Funzone is all about having fun at work! It offers a wide range of vibrant and competitive games, complete with a leaderboard feature to keep employees engaged.
  • By providing a fun and interactive way to take a break from work, Funzone can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.
  • It also encourages friendly competition and teamwork, which can help build stronger relationships among colleagues.


  • Classifieds is an internal marketplace where employees can buy, sell, and rent items within their organization.
  • This makes it easy for employees to find what they need, whether it's a used laptop or a spare parking spot.
  • It also encourages sustainability by promoting the reuse and recycling of goods within the workplace.
  • Classifieds is a convenient and eco-friendly way to connect employees and build a sense of community within the organization.

Group Greetings

  • Group Greetings is a digital gift card service that allows employees to send personalized messages and well-wishes for any occasion.
  • This adds a special touch to important events like birthdays, work anniversaries, and holidays.
  • By encouraging employees to celebrate each other's milestones and achievements, Group Greetings can help build a culture of appreciation and recognition.

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