Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs

Your Hard Work Deserves Rewards & Recognition

Create memories for life by hyper-personalising rewards, imbibe culture and values by digitizing your Rewards & Recognition policy!

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The Problems We Solve

Digitize your policy

There is a persistent need to streamline processes, boost accessibility, transparency and provide data-driven insights into employee recognition trends. Achieve personalization, integration with other HR tools, scalability, and cost- effectiveness.


It is imperative to deeply understand & cater to the unique preferences, motivations, and achievements of individual employees, thereby maximizing the impact of Rewards & Recognition Programs by fostering a culture of appreciation.

Simplicity and Transparency

Its essential to promote fairness, empower employees by providing clear visibility into criteria, nomination, and reward distribution, ultimately enhancing morale and promoting organizational cohesion.

Why it Matters

  • 80% better retention when recognised by both managers & peers at your workplace
  • 55% better retention when recognised by managers
  • 50% of employees believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups

Digitize all your Employee recognition programs in one place

employee reward and recognition programs employee reward and recognition programs employee reward and recognition programs

We power a wide variety of recognition programs with redemption options offered in 100+ countries

Professional Achievements

  • Annual & Quarterly Awards
  • Function & Team Awards
  • Geographical, Country & Regional Awards
  • Intrinsic, Extrinsic, Financial, Incentive & Performance Awards
  • Real-Time Recognition/Spot Bonus
  • Peer-to-Peer Appreciation
  • Monetary & Non-Monetary Awards
  • Culture & Value based Awards
  • Special Occasion, Program based & Many More...

Life Moments / Moments that Matter

  • Automated Long Service / Work Anniversary Awards
  • StepUp & Promotion Awards
  • First Day, New Job or Onboarding Gifting / Awards
  • Project Launch & Closure / Client Special Recognition Awards
  • Personal Achievements
  • Automated Birthday & Holiday Gifting
  • New Parents, Relocation or Special Occasion Gifting & Much More...

Create Happier Workplaces

A scalable, customizable, cost-effective platform to meet your organization's goals


Appreciate employees with timely recognition

  • Use reward automation so you never miss any milestones in the employee lifecycle
  • Make performance awards impactful with reward points and instant redemption
  • Amplify peer to peer recognition with ‘high-fives’, likes, comments and more


Increase engagement with gamification and customization

  • Gamify the rewards program with badges and custom certificates
  • Use leaderboards to show how they rank against peers, and champions
  • Create a familiar experience with custom branding, logo, and other configurations


Motivate employees with timely rewards

  • Create a custom reward catalog to delight employees and reaffirm company values
  • Leverage a global catalog with 10,000+ options, zero redemption fee, and instant delivery
  • Let them choose from gift cards, experiences, perks, subscriptions, merchandise, wellness, and more


Understand the impact of your rewards program

  • Check rewards distribution and redemption data to measure the effectiveness of your program
  • Analyze trends by a team, designation, grade, location, and department
  • Get the precise ROI of your program with the budget utilization report

Wondering what an employee recognition & rewards program can do for your company?

"See what Tata Steel has to say"

Wondering what an employee recognition & rewards program can do for your company?

"See what Teleperformance has to say"

Wondering what an employee recognition & rewards program can do for your company?

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The only AI powered Engagement and Rewards platform you need

  • Attract, retain and engage your employees
  • Automate employee recognition
  • Give flexible benefits
  • And more...