Flexible Benefits Platform

Make Benefits Flexible & Give employees The Power of Choice

Provide employees with the autonomy to tailor their benefits according to their unique preferences. Curate specific benefits for various categories, including wellbeing, travel, remote work, experiences and more!

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Future Ready Benefits

Flexible Benefits Platform offer you the flexibility to choose from a diverse range of benefits, ensuring that your compensation truly suits your unique needs. Whether it's healthcare, tax savings, or setting up your home office, you can craft your ideal package.

Digitize Benefits & Automation

Your Life, Your Choices!
Reap benefits that align with your lifestyle and preferences. Choose from a wide array of benefits to pick a package that suits you best.

  • Based on employee data and benefit rules, trigger customized workflows
  • Set logic that goes beyond basics to identify eligibility based on any criteria set by the company
  • Flexible multi-level approvals for dispersed workforce globally
  • Reimbursement processing based on benefits eligibility and backed by bill capture functionality

Exclusive Benefits Marketplace

Get hyper-personalized options to choose from, with our global benefits marketplace.

  • Get any benefit from healthcare to critical skilling.
  • Our benefit experts will help you design and source competitive value adding offerings.
  • Benchmark your benefit offerings across the globe or gain market intelligence to stay competitive.

Compliance, Security & Data Privacy

  • Provide tier based access at various levels to maintain compliance, confidentiality and privacy
  • Fully compliant and certified for EU GDPR, SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified
  • Tested for VAPT and BCDR to support your business seamlessly.����

Discover how flexible benefits can empower your employees and transform their work experience.

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Benefits for Forward-Thinking Employers

Flexible Benefits isn't just beneficial for employees; it's a game-changer for employers too. Discover how Flexible Benefits can boost your company's competitiveness and foster a happier, more loyal workforce.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Empower your employees with choice and witness a rise in satisfaction and retention.

Quality Talent Attraction

Attract top talent by offering competitive, flexible benefits solution.

Increased Transparency

Foster trust by providing a clear view of benefits, ensuring no ambiguity.

Aid to EVP

Elevate your brand as an employer of choice. Show that you recognize diverse needs and go the extra mile to meet them!

The only AI powered Engagement and Rewards platform you need

  • Attract, retain and engage your employees
  • Automate employee recognition
  • Give flexible benefits
  • And more...